MFSC will not be offering any CanPowerSkate Programs during 2022/2023

Requirements: Must have passed CanSkate 4, must be between the ages of 5-18


The CanPowerSkate program has been designed to focus on the development of 15 basic skill sets divided into three fundamental areas: Balance, Control and Agility. Recognizing that skating is a foundational skill for hockey and ringette, this program allows for the opportunity to focus on skating outside of the game or practice.

The program is designed to allow flexibility for progression or an increase in intensity as needed, to cater to the level of skaters in the program. Participants will be assessed based on a continuum of development that will indicate skills at an early, moderate or advanced stage of development. Teaching and developing the proper skating technique is the main focus of this program.

It is important to recognize that the CanPowerSkate program is not a learn to skate program. All CanPowerSkate skaters must have achieved Stage 4 of the CanSkate program as a pre-requisite for the CanPowerSkate program or equivalent.

All skaters in our CanSkate (Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, Adult CanSkate, CanPowerSkate and Pre-STARSkate) programs are required to have a CSA approved helmet that is no more than 5 years old. Please refer to the sticker on the back of the helmet to ensure your helmet is not expired. Skaters (regardless of age) are required to wear a CSA approved helmet until they have earned the Stage 5 badge and have permission from their coach.

“If you don’t have fun, it’s hard to do your best.”

Kimmie Meissner