Mayfield Figure Skating Club

Since 1992, Mayfield Figure Skating Club has been a Skate Canada sanctioned club. We are committed to helping our athletes reach above and beyond their potential. We encourage them to set goals and help them to achieve them. MFSC is a small club located in the west end of Edmonton and skates at The Callingwood Twin Arenas. Our skaters range from preschoolers to adults, beginner to elite levels. Mayfield Figure Skating Club is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of parents who have children in our skating programs. We provide skating programs September to May.

Over the years we have offered many different programs such as StarSkate, CanPowerSkate, CompetitiveSkate, CanSkate and Inclusive programs.

We currently have limited ice time and have had to streamline what programs we can offer. Since we are a figure skating club we have chosen to focus on the StarSkate programs. Our figure skaters all start out in the Pre-Can and CanSkate Programs so we have kept these as well. We also want adults to join in on the fun so have etched out some time for them to learn or continue developing their skating skills.


Fully Qualified Coaches

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Leona Boyle

Skating Coordinator
Mayfield Figure Skating Club

  • National Certified Coach
  • 40+ years coaching experience
  • Bachelor of Education Degree
  • Skate Canada Coach & Club Service Delivery Consultant
  • Skate Canada CanSkate Resource Team Member
  • CanSkate Coach Course Learning Facilitator
  • CanSkate University Learning Facilitator
  • STAR 1-4 Judge
  • STAR 6 – Gold Coach Assessor

Kara Fizzard

Certified Regional Coach
Certified CanSkate Coach

Mayfield Figure Skating Club

  • 7 Years Coaching Experience
  • HIGH FIVE Sport Certification
  • Bachelor of Education Degree
  • Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Received the Triple Gold Award (Skills, Dance & Interpretive)
  • Interpretive of the Year 2014-2015 (St. Albert Skating Centre)
  • Skater of the Year 2015-2016 (St. Albert Skating Centre)
  • Bilingual (French-English)

Makayla Polanski

Certified CanSkate Coach
Mayfield Figure Skating Club

  • 7 Years Coaching Experience
  • Attending the University of Alberta for a Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences Major
  • Received the Quad Gold Award
  • 2016 STARSkate Athlete of the Year – Edmonton Region
  • Gold Medalist in the Gold Triathlon at STARSkate Championships 2016 & 2017


Board of Directors


Vice President

Secretary & Assessment Coordinator

Skating Etiquette

Parent Code of Conduct

“For relaxation, I like to figure skate. Being on the ice and spinning and jumping, I feel very close to nature. In particular, I feel very close to Newton’s law of motion. On the ice, you can experience Newton’s laws of motion in their purest, most elegant form.”

Michio Kaku