COVID-19 Policy

All Mayfield Figure Skating Club programs will be following Skate Alberta-NWT/Nunavut’s Return to Skating protocols. For information on these protocols please see their website.


All skaters must be registered and paid prior to their first day of the session with MFSC.

Memberships are non-transferable between skaters and/or sessions. Requests for credits will be considered due to specific circumstances, and must be made in writing to the Board of Directors.

All registrations are done online. There is also a computer in the office that can be used for registration, should assistance be needed. All registrations must be done by the parent or adult skater (over 18 years of age).

All skaters must be registered at least 24 hours prior to the first day of the session. Payment is required to confirm registration. All members of MFSC must be registered with Skate Canada.

All STARSkaters will be required to pay an annual membership fee of $25. As per the MFSC Bylaws, MFSC STARSkaters will be referred to as, “Special Members” or as having, “Special Membership”.

Refund Policy

MFSC reserves the right to cancel sessions/classes, limit the number of skaters per session/class and to change the session/class levels when necessary.

In exceptional circumstances, such as a serious medical condition, a refund or credit may be considered for classes not yet attended. The Skate Canada membership fee is paid by Mayfield Figure Skating Club to Skate Canada and will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Please note that credits are given at the discretion of the Club and will not be given for days that are cancelled due to weather or circumstances beyond the Club’s control.

Drop-in Policy

Drop in classes are only available to STARSkate participants. Fees are $20 for non-MFSC members or $10 for MFSC-members. All guest skaters and guest coaches must be current and valid registered members of Skate Canada and provide proof of such before doing a drop in.

Make-Up Class Policy

For anyone in the CanStake program, make-up classes will only be offered if there is availability on another day, within the same session.  MFSC is not required to offer make-up classes but will do our best to accommodate where we can.  Please speak to the office staff to see if accommodations can be made.

Program Assistant Policy

STARSkate participants who have passed all levels of STAR 1 (Elements, Skills and Freeskate), are over 12 years old and/or have been approved by the Skating Coordinator, are highly encouraged to become Program Assistants. This provides skaters with valuable leadership opportunities and supports the Club to offer a strong CanSkate program which is vital to the overall success of the Club.

As per Skate Canada guidelines, Program Assistants are considered volunteers and not paid employees. Program Assistants must attend a required training session in September and January, sign up to contribute to a minimum of one class per week and notify the Skating Coordinator if they cannot attend their assigned day.

Program Assistants will be recognized by issuing a credit to their account per class, based on skills and experience as determined by the Skating Coordinator. This credit can be used toward the next year’s skating fees and will not be carried over to subsequent years. Only Mayfield Figure Skating Club STARSkate  members can volunteer as a Program Assistant unless approval is granted by the Board of Directors.

The Skating Coordinator will determine the Program Assistant schedule.

Use of Photography or Video

Members grant MFSC permission to copyright, publish and/or use photographic portraits, pictures, or videos of them in which they are included in whole or part, for advertising, trade, web and multimedia or any other lawful purpose. Members waive the right to approve the finished products, for advertising, new media or printed, that might be used in connection with their images.

Members may request exemption from section in writing to Mayfield Figure Skating Club, Board of Directors.

Notice of Collection Statement (Skate Canada)

Your privacy and the protection of your personal information are important to us. Your personal information is required to register you with Skate Canada. Your personal information may be exchanged with Skate Canada affiliates which includes: your local skating club or skating school, or provincial association or section. By submitting this form, you expressly provide your consent to the sharing of your personal information with Skate Canada and as described herein for purposes of registration and receipt of national services delivered by Skate Canada. We adopt the 10 Fair Information Principles into our privacy program, and employ reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access, processing, disclosure, alteration, destruction or loss of your personal information. See Skate Canada’s Privacy Policy for more details.


MFSC is NOT responsible for any injury, loss, theft, or damage under any circumstances.

Due to Skate Canada insurance requirements, only registered Skate Canada members are permitted on the ice, except in a medical emergency. Skaters are also not permitted on the ice unless a coach is present.

“Sometimes my skating allows me to do things I never dreamed possible.”

Kurt Browning