Due to the ongoing discussions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, the The MFSC Board of Directors has been looking at other similar organizations to see what the best practices should be for our Skaters going forward this weekend and the upcoming week.  With heavy hearts we have decided to end the Winter 2020 skating season effective immediately.

While we understand that the risk of contracting COVID-19 is very low in Alberta, we want to think of those Skaters that we may come in contact with individuals which may be vulnerable to transmission. As parents, and board members we are trying to think of the broader picture and work to care for others. By isolating youth and families from risk, we are helping to keep the spread of COVID-19 low in our community.The MFSC Board of Directors thoughts are with those people locally as well as around the globe who are affected by this pandemic and hope to see a healthy end to the spread sooner than later.

Please stay safe,
The MFSC Board of Directors