Clothing should keep skaters warm but not restrict their ability to move. Typically the more active a skater is, the less they need to wear. As a general rule, layers work better than bulk: fleece for insulation and nylon for moisture resistance is a perfect combination. Hoodies are not allowed as the hood may impair a skaters line of sight. Bulky snow suits are often a problem because they make it too difficult for skaters to get up after a fall. Jeans are not a good choice: the cotton in the jeans absorbs and holds moisture. Cold and wet is uncomfortable.

For CanSkate and PreCanSkate, as the arena is cold, skaters should dress in layered clothing that allows for movement. Gloves or mittens are mandatory in all PreCanSkate, and CanSkate classes. Waterproof pants (especially for younger children) are an excellent choice, due to the skaters spending a lot of time learning how to fall down and get up!

Advanced CanSkate and StarSkaters should wear fitted clothing such as shirts, jackets and leggings. Baggy clothing is discouraged.