Here are a few things to think about when shopping for a helmet:

Hockey helmets are the best for skaters. As stated above, CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for all CanSkate participants up to and including Stage 5. Hockey helmets provide excellent protection for the sides as well as the back of the head and are designed to withstand the frequent bumps that are part of hockey. A hockey helmet fitted with a visor or cage also protects the skater’s face from the ice and anything else that poses a threat.

Ski or skateboard helmets are not permitted. These helmets protect the sides and back of the head, but cannot be fitted with a visor or cage to protect the face.

Bicycle helmets are strictly prohibited on the ice as they do not provide the necessary protection needed for skating. Bicycle helmets are designed to absorb a single high-impact collision rather than the many little falls that happen in skating, and do not provide adequate protection for the back and sides of the head.

A poor-fitting helmet can shift on impact and make a possible injury worse.