Parent & Tot PreCanSkate Ice Schedule 2020 – 2021


Parent & Tot Pre-CanSkate is a learn-to-skate program geared towards beginner skaters aged 3 to 7 and is designed to give them the basics of skating in a fun environment. Skaters will learn educational concepts while learning to skate at the same time. It is “Playschool on Ice.”
Skaters receive report cards at the end of each session. The CanSkate Coaches will let parents know when their child is ready to move onto the CanSkate program.

For skaters over the age 7 who have never skated, please contact the Skating Coordinator at [email protected] for advice on what program to register your child.

Delivery Requirements (with COVID-19 Considerations)

All CanSkate sessions (including CanSkate – Parent & Tot) must be delivered in accordance with the minimum delivery standards identified by Skate Canada.

Skate Canada registrant requirements must be followed for CanSkate Parent & Tot registrants.

“Parent” (no age restriction) may include members of the skater’s household or members of their social circle that can be responsible for the skater.

Clubs must ensure that parents have sufficient skating level to be able to support their skater. Parents will be responsible for assisting their skater. Parents must be able to effectively skate on their own and support their skater if necessary.

Parents must wear a CSA approved helmet if their own skating level is below Stage 5 or equivalent.

Physical Distancing of 2 metres between coaches, program assistants and the skater/parent must be maintained at all times.

Physical Distancing of 2 metres between each skater/parent must be maintained at all times (no co-mingling between skater/parent registrants)

All parents and participants must complete the health screening and contact tracing log before each session.

What will your child learn?

There are 8 skills that are the focus for the Pre-CanSkate program:

  • Balance on 2 feet
  • Fall down and get up
  • Move forward
  • Make snow
  • Move backward
  • March around the spot
  • 2 foot twist on the spot
  • Jump on the spot

The Pre-CanSkate program is a readiness vehicle to prepare skaters for CanSkate. Once the skaters have passed the set criteria and mastered the essentials needed to move safely and effectively on the ice they can be moved into a Jr. CanSkate session.

What can you expect?

Action, movement and fun! Lessons are given in a group format. Participants are coached by NCCP-trained professional coaches and assisted by trained program assistants.

Skaters progress at their own rate and coaches make sessions active using teaching aids, upbeat music and a wide variety of activities that create a motivational environment and promote learning.

What do you need to participate?

All you and your child need are skates, a CSA-approved hockey helmet, long pants, mittens, warm sweater or jacket.

*We recommend purchasing skates with laces and avoiding skates that are molded plastic. These plastic skates can inhibit skating performance.

Parents are asked to bring at least 1 bingo dobber.

Helmets must be CSA approved and be no more than 5 years old. Please refer to the sticker on the back of the helmet to see when the helmet expires. All skaters are required to wear CSA approved helmets until they have earned Stage 5.

“If you don’t have fun, it’s hard to do your best.”

Kimmie Meissner